VOICELESS: magic of cellos (Lithuania)

The outstanding Lithuanian band VOICELESS (from English – without a voice), became popular by creating their own arrangements of popular classic rock pieces and their own music and presenting them on Youtube channel in intrigue and beautiful filmed videos. Their live concerts in Lithuania are very welcome by the audience, as if a hurricane in the Baltic Sea took over the stages and hearts of the people.

The members of the group:
Tomas Mikalauskas – cello
Karolis Vaičiulis – cello
Konradas Daukšas – drums

The audience loves cello music, it is mysterious, seductive and magically heart-wrenching. When the band starts playing, it seems as if they are digging a ditch or driving a jeep, pulling nets full of fish – they look strong, they strongly convey the melody of music. Their energy reaches the audience in the hall.

Their repertoire includes the most famous works of the rock classics, which the audience immediately recognizes as well as the compositions created by the group. The arrangements of famous songs are very fascinating, you wonder how it is possible to recreate a popular melody just with two cellos and drums.

While popularizing their music, VOICELESS musicians are very creative. For example, their song “Timeless” was filmed in the Lithuanian countryside among cows.

The band is now “on the wave of popularity in Lithuania”, they play for basketball players, in churches, in “sold out” concert halls such as the Kaunas Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius City Hall and others.

VOICELESS is ready to play for Latvian music lovers. The program includes the world’s best-known rock and pop pieces based on the band’s original arrangements and melodies of their own creations. We will hear hits by Scorpions, Timeless, U2, Book of Love, Scientists, Halo, Nirvana, Adams and others.


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