Internal Rules of Procedure

The rules of internal order are determined in accordance with the Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia and generally accepted norms of behavior in society.

  1. The event organizer is responsible for the conduct and content of the event.
  2. Visitors are personally responsible for their belongings.
  3. The visitor assumes full material responsibility for the material damage caused to SIA “Dzintaru koncertzāle”.
  4. Visitors may enter the Dzintari Concert Hall only by presenting an appropriate entrance ticket or invitation. The entrance ticket or invitation must be kept until the end of the Event.
  5. The visitor must sit only in the place specified in the ticket or invitation and, upon the request of SIA “Dzintaru koncertzāle” employees, must show the entrance ticket or invitation.
  6. Visitors must follow the instructions of SIA “Dzintaru koncertzāle” employees.
  7. Visitors are prohibited from:
    • arriving under the influence of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances;
    • bringing food or drinks in glass containers, plastic bottles, tin cans;
    • bringing sharp objects, weapons;
    • to smoke in the auditorium and in non-smoking areas;
    • it is forbidden to bring food and drinks purchased on the territory into the audience hall;
    • bringing photo and video cameras;
    • photographing or filming the event without coordination with the Event organizer;
    • attending the Event in inappropriate clothing (swimsuit, beach slippers, beach shorts, etc.);
    • bringing in animals;
    • entering with bicycles and roller skates;
    • bringing personal folding chairs.

8. Employees of SIA “Dzintaru Concert Hall” have the right to expel a visitor from the territory of Dzintaru Concert Hall for non-compliance with internal rules.