Frog as a soloist

The concert takes place at 9.45 AM and at 11.00 AM.

The concert is an educational performance for children, in which fragments of the most beautiful opera music melodies will be played. The Frog, the Toad, the Duck and the Horse-fly find a fancy sheet music book in their swamp. How did it get there? It turns out that Magpie snatched it from the opera house because of its bright covers, but it fell out of Magpie’s beak while crossing the swamp. But what will the swamp dwellers do with opera arias, duets and ensembles? Will there be someone who will help fulfill the dream of singing on the opera stage?

The musical sheet music concert lesson will be full of new knowledge and jokes that will delight families with children of preschool and primary school age.

Ilona Bagele
Evija Martinsone
Juris Vizbulis
Kalvis Kalniņš
Uģis Krišjānis
NMV Riga Ballet School dancers under the direction of Kristīne Kitnere
The concert is conducted by Karina Bērziņa