The Wild Rose | Urban Romance in Two Parts | Multimedial Jukebox Musical



Having had a passion for singing in his youth, Raimonds, now the owner of an inherited rental house, started a club called Pie mežrozītes. It is popular with the residents of Ilguciems for its good music, and on warm summer evenings the outdoor terrace is a place of fun and passion – and… not only for the neighbourhood sparrows and pigeons… A letter arrives from Venice, opera singer Eva arrives in Riga and Raimonds’ until now quiet life takes an unforeseen turn.

A colourful, joyful, exciting musical story about Eva and Raimonds’ love story, the challenges and choices of life and career as a woman-artist. Riga’s intellectually creative hipster scene in the message of Dace Micānes-Zālīte’s libretto. The rose blossoms in the rhythms of the city, in the motifs of people’s lives, intertwined with the historical and contemporary context.

When Raimonds Pauls and Alfrēds Krūklis created “Mezrozīte” in 1968, Jānis Peters wrote: “The rose hips dissolved in the people like the syrup of the fruit of this rose hitting the stones. “The rose petal floated, flamed, squeezed into all the open spaces – cafés, coming from parties at midnight, at noon, resting hands…” “The Lantern Hour”, “Don’t Lie to Me”, “The Wild Rose”, “Dark Blue”, “How Silent the Night”, “Undine” and others, arranged by Matīss Žilinskis in Broadway jazz style.


Jolanta Strikaite, Anastasija Dolgoņenko, Kārlis Rūtentāls, Emīls Gilučs, as well as young musical singers – actors Edvards Grieze, Toms Kursītis, Austra Elza Kozuliņa. Zane Stūre, Asnate Rikse, Rolands Šteinbergs, Kārlis Kemlers and the instrumental ensemble under the direction of Matīss Žilinskis. 

It is the first multimedia jukebox musical in Latvia (an analogue of the jukebox musical is, for example, the popular musical “Mamma Mia!”).

Music by Raimonds Pauls

Libretto by Dace Micānes-Zālīte

Directed by Mārtiņš Kagainis

Musical Director Matīss Žilinskis

Choreographer Ieva Kemlere

Set designer-multimedia artist Ineta Sipunova

Costume designer Antra Hanna Elerta

Creative Director Agija Ozoliņa-Kozlovska.

The PATRON of the production Robin and Ieva HULL

Approximate concert duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

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