SUBSCRIPTION 2024. From Classical to Pop Music for Classes 1 – 4

Subscription for one person to the concert cycle for school youth.


King Thrushbeard
January 16, 10:00 and 12:00 (two showtimes)

Participants: Agnese Pauniņa, Jānis Kurševs, Kalvis Kalniņš, Ilona Bagele, Juris Kaukulis, Pēteris Vaickovskis, Jānis Kokins, Kārlis Rūtentāls, Agate Pooka, Raimonds Melderis, Ainārs Paukšēns, Ieva Nīmane, Zane Dziesma and students of Riga Ballet School. Narrated by Karina Bērziņa.

In the program: music by Henry Purcell.

Description: Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale with music by the English composer Henry Purcell, ancient musical instruments, soloists of the Latvian Radio Choir and students of the Riga Ballet School.

Addams Family’s Dark Wednesday
March 7, 10:00 and 12:00 (two showtimes)

Participants: Elsa Rozentāle, Ralfs Eilands, Ieva Parša, Juris Kaukulis, dancers and musicians. Narrated by Karina Bērziņa.

Approximate duration of the concerts: 45 minutes