Slovak State Traditional Dance Ensemble “SĽUK”. Concert SLOVAKIA

In the concert program, dedicated to Slovak folk traditions, temperamental folk dances will be accompanied by live and dynamic music, which will change its character from moment to moment and bring the audience into a delicately lyrical mood. By dancing traditional dances, playing folk instruments and showcasing the gorgeous Slovak folk costumes, the concert program will reveal the diversity and rich traditions of Slovakia’s regions. The creators of the concert were focusing on the characteristic features of Slovak folklore: improvisation, innovativeness, grotesqueness, comedy, exoticism and theatricality. The concert will combine the excellent interpretation skills of the dance ensemble with folk music and the performance of the singing group, which in turn will allow the audience to experience the bright and very diverse Slovak traditional culture.

The Slovak State Traditional Dance Ensemble SĽUK has been a professional artistic ensemble since 1949. Its’ activity is focused on learning, researching and interpreting the traditions and folklore of the Slovak people. Learning the authentic Slovak folk art forms, the ensemble includes them in high-quality art programs, demonstrating that folk art can also reach a high, professional level. The SĽUK collective consists of professional dancers and musicians who have received an education in the arts and have proven themselves as excellent performers of traditional dance and instrumental music.

Tickets: EUR 10