RETURNING TO LATGOLA. Concert performance

The strength of the people of Latgale and the spark of humor, as well as more than 100 performances of “” have encouraged the authors to create a concert performance “Returning to Latgola”. The director Valdis Lūriņš, the composer Valdis Zilveris, the author of the lyrics Jānis Peters, the actors of the Latvian National Theater and the band “Baltie lāči” have united in this company. The Latgalian stories were written down by Danskovīte, a real Latgalian, who is known in Latvia as the creator of “Ontana and Anne”.

And what can be more interesting than true stories!… Stories that leave your mouth hanging open when you listen to them:” Go, go!, No cap!, Can it really be?”…Latgale stories are strong and colorful like Latgale ceramics. You have seen many stories of Baltinava in the plays of Danskovīte, also in the performances of the National Theater “Latgola.LV” in two series, where we partially tried to speak Latgalian.

No matter what winds have blown, Latgale, as an outpost of Latvia, has kept its honor. Because if this region is harmed, a Latgalian can be frightening. If necessary, the stake will be taken in hand!

The stories of Latgale will be played and sung by actors of the National Theater Indra Burkovska, Dace Bonāte, Anna Klēvere, Voldemārs Šoriņš and Mārcis Manjakovs. In the lyrics of the poet Jānis Peters “” and the music of the composer Valdis Zilveris, we will also be together with the real patriots of Latgale – the band “Baltie lāči” and the soloist Andris Baltacis.

Director Valdis Lūriņš invites: “We hope that we will touch the hearts of the audience with comical and real episodes, musical beats, as well as sing well-known and crazy Latgalian songs.”

More information: +371 29131458

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