Musical Fairy Tales for Children. Three Piglets and Wolf

Three piglets – group “Melo-M” – Kārlis Auzāns, Miķelis Dobičins, Jānis Pauls
Goat – Sonora Vaice
Wolf – Daumants Kalniņš
Dancers of Tālis Sils ballet studio

The concert is narrated by Karina Bērziņa.

Description: The familiar fairy tale in new musical colors.


  • the concert is an educational event for babies and preschoolers;
  • a ticket is required for children from 1 year of age and their companions;
  • a separate ticket is not required for kindergarten teachers and teachers accompanying students to the concert;
  • during the concert, small spectators sit on cushions, and large ones sit on chairs;
  • the approximate duration of the concert is 45 minutes.