Museum Night

On Museum Night at 20.00 – 23.00 Dzintari Concert Hall will open its historical doors and allow anyone interested to take a look at the exposition “Ansis Cīrulis. Genius. Latvian” created by the artist Anna Heinrihsone.

During the event, the wall paintings of Ansis Cīrulis and an exhibition will be on display, which tells about the theme of statehood in the works of A. Cīrulis.

The outstanding Latvian graphic artist Ansis Cīrulis was a master of applied arts, painter and author of the national flag standard.

All his life he dreamed of painting, high art, admired Vermeer, but the reality of life drew him to the earth – dishes, furniture, wall decorations. In Ansis Cīrulis, it is as if two personalities are connected – a dreamer and a realist.