Maxim Galkin’s New Program “Delight Not Far”

On August 9th in Dzintari Concert Hall will perform Maxim Galkin – bright, charismatic and sincerely bellowed by Latvian audience comedian. His concert is a fireworks display of positive emotions and the best way to lift up Your spirit. Tickets for the Maxim Galkin concert are one of the best gifts, do not miss the opportunity to get them!

In recent years, Maxim Galkin has been on an almost never-ending world tour across all continents and countries, where every time he is invariably greeted with the enthusiasm of the audience.  The artist’s touring schedule is meticulously planned hour by hour, but everyday there something new happens, what the Artist would like to tell about from the Stage. This is how the new program  “Prekrasnoe Nedaleko” (Delight not far) appeared and will be presented to Latvian audience this summer. Maxim Galkin is one of few artists who presents a refreshed program at every concert.

Maxim Galkin’s concerts cannot be classified to one specific genre. It is a mix of parodies and songs, bright humor and heartfelt conversation. Nature gifted this Artist with a unique combination of youth, wisdom, sense of humor, flexibility and musicality. To keep the attention of the audience, being alone on the stage for two hours is a skill mastered by few.. However Maxim Galkin  effortlessly accomplishes this. The Artist elegantly and masterfully manages the audience’s mood, never letting their attention slip for a minute. Maxim wonderfully senses His audience and often engages in heartfelt conversations with them, as if sharing life stories with suddenly arrived old friends.

The Magic of His talent leves no one indifferent.  For two seasons now, Maxim Galkin’s concerts in Latvia have been sold out within a few days. He has won the love of the audience not only in Jurmala but also in many other cities. There is no doubt that this summer, too, the artist will be met with applause and enthusiasm from the audience, and the spectators can expect an explosion of positive emotions, several hours of laughter and a fantastic mood.

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