Theatre music concert. Liepāja Theatre

Participating actors from Liepāja Theatre:Karīna Tatarinova
Inese Kučinska-Laukšteine
Everita Pjata-Gertnere
Agnese Jēkabsone-Ozoliņa
Agnija Dreimane
Edgars Pujāts
Sandis Pēcis
Armands Kaušelis
Viktors Ellers
Hugo Puriņš
Valts Skuja

Normunds Kalniņš
Māris Zīlmanis
Raitis Eleris
Miks Akots

The host Ojārs Rubenis


1. Freedom song (Bremen musicians)
2. Acacia sheet (Lilioms)
3. You don’t need much at all (Three Musketeers)
4. Beta’s song (Love, Jazz and the Devil)
5. Bluebird (The Prince and the Beggar Boy)
6. Song of Revelers (The Three Musketeers)
7. Inese, Inese (Happy Halloween)
8. Boulevard Saint-Germain (Ladies’ Paradise)
9. Where have you been, world (Hey, you there)
10. Song of Lust (Ladies’ Paradise)
11. Blow, wind, blow Final (Blow, wind, blow)
12. Rap (Swamp Wader on Fire)
13. The Sun in Edelweiss (Three Comrades)
14. How an accountant loves (Theatre)
15. Milord (Piaf)
16. Folk song (The Grimm)
17. No To Sex (1984)
18. The Poet’s Song (Kaupēn, my beloved)
19. White jasmines (Early rust)