Kremerata Baltica Festival. Hugo Ticciati, Arvo Pärt and NIRVANA

Hugo Ticciati (violin)
Andrei Pushkarev (percussion)
Kremerata Baltica

On 16 September at 19:00, in the concert Hugo Ticciati, Arvo Pärt and NIRVANA, the audience will be delighted by the extraordinary violinist Hugo Ticciati, whose artistic personality embodies all possible forms of creativity, from premieres in the most prestigious concert halls of the world, improvisations with monks in India to innovative programming for his chamber orchestra O/Modernt. Many great contemporary composers have dedicated works to him, including Erkki-Sven Tüür, Pēteris Vasks and Dobrinka Tabakova. Hugo Ticciati will perform opuses by Arvo Pärt, as well as the premiere of the Violin Concerto by Krists Auznieks. Krists Auznieks is one of the world’s most acclaimed composers of the new generation of Latvian composers, whose music has been praised as “exhilarating, stunning, and luminous” (San Francisco Classical Voice), of “other-worldly harmonies” (New York Concert Review) and “of astonishing complexity and beauty” (BroadwayWorld). Of his forthcoming new work: “There are silences that sit on a hilltop and those that wait uncomfortably for the sound; darkness that stirs in deep waters; the aftertaste of hours gone by. When is it time for silence to rise?”

The second part of the concert will feature compositions by the rock cult band Nirvana, transcribed for string orchestra, interspersed with music by the American minimalist Philip Glass and the greatest English Baroque composer Henry Purcell.


Krists Auznieks (1992)
Violin Concerto, world premiere
Hugo Ticciati (violin), Kremerata Baltica

Albert Schnelzer (1972)
Apollonian Dances

I.The birth of Apollo
II. Adolescent Apollo
Andrei Puskarev (percussion), Kremerata Baltica


Philip Glass (1937)
Symphony No. 3, Part I
Kremerata Baltica

Something in the way (arr. Johannes Marmen)
Kremerata Baltica

Philip Glass (1937)
Symphony No. 3, Part II
Kremerata Baltica

Lithium (arr. Johannes Marmen)
Kremerata Baltica

Philip Glass (1937)
Symphony No. 3, Part III
Kremerata Baltica

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
Cold Song (What Power art Thou?) (arr. Johannes Marmen)

Smells like Teen Spirit (arr. Clemens Bittmann)
Kremerata Baltica

Arvo Pärt‎ (1935)
Darf ich…
Hugo Ticciati (violin), A.Puskarev (percussion), Kremerata Baltica

K.Auznieks on the new work

There are silences that sit on top of a hill and those that awkwardly await sound; brooding ones in deep water; aftermaths of hours past. When is the time ripe for silence to soar?

It ascends when you do good unto other,  when a smile dances alive, when flowers shower because you have embraced nothingness, your liberty becomes exemplary and your ecstasy is overflowing, free of all doing. When you know arising and passing away with every atom and when eyes, cast down, still meet others humbly, unassumingly, and nothing is asked but given is all, that old condition of simplicity. It flies when you forgive all (for they do not know), when you are large, complete, yet ever-expansive, moving toward subtler and subtler spider-web threads. Silence has always been midair, lightweight, not waiting but present, ready; have you had the eyes to meet it? 

Beige, with a hint of carmine, ink lands in an open book which is the mind.