King Thrushbeard’s Christmas

Participants:Princess – Agnese PAUNIŅA
King Thrushbeard – Jānis KURŠEVS
The old king – Kalvis KALNIŅŠ
Lady of the court – Ilona BAGELE
Jester – Juris KAUKULIS
Latvian Radio Choir soloists
Instrumental ensemble
Students of NMV Riga Ballet School
Musical host – Pēteris VAICKOVSKIS
Narrator – Karina BĒRZIŅA

The Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale will be heard in the sounds of ancient music, with the most suitable pages being found in the compositions of the great master of ancient music – the English composer Henry Purcell. The tale tells how the old king decided to find his daughter a suitable husband. But the snobby princess mocks everyone who comes to ask for her hand, giving the most unpleasant sneer and the nickname “Thrushbeard” to the last candidate for marriage. Now, the old king’s patience runs out, and he marries the princess to a beggar. But, what really hides under the beggar’s appearance and how the princess will be taught a lesson to overcome her bad character will be revealed during the concert.