INGUS ULMANIS 60th Anniversary Concert | How Do I Manage My Time?

Ingus Ulmanis, a popular musician and member of several musical projects and groups, is celebrating his 60th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, he has announced a concert tour that will begin in February and August 25, 2024 and will end with a grand concert in the Dzintari Concert Hall.

Ingus Ulmanis (born on September 19, 1963 in Limbaži) is a musician, composer and music producer; also worked as a television and radio presenter. From 1984 to August 1987, he was the soloist of the group “Jumprava”. In 1987, together with his bandmate Aigars Voitišķis, he created his own band “Lādezers”, in which he is still participating. Ingus was also the author and participant of various other musical projects: he worked on the Latvian Independent Television program “LNT Breakfast” and “Tautas balss”, the children’s musical project “Brīnumskapis” and the Latvian television program “4th Studio”. He currently works at “Latvijas Radio 1”, where he hosts the program “Monopols”. Together with Silvija Nora Kalniņš he has created the “Nature’s Concert Hall” project.

For the title of the concert, Ingus chose a line from the song “How do I control the time” (he is also the author of the lyrics and music of the song): “I and the group “Lādezers” will participate in the concerts, but songs from other musical projects will also be played in them. On the other hand, the concert on August 25 could be something that has never happened before, because I will play together with all the bands in which I have ever participated: “Jumprava”, “Lādezers”, “Brīnumskapis” and “Dabas concert hall”. There will also be two or three songs from my brand new project.»

I want to be “loud” for a short while and in these anniversary concerts I want to remind you of the music that we have created together with Aigars Voitišķis over the years. To show that this is the music we create, and this is how we close a stage. We are surrounded by fantastic musicians with whom there is still something to say and talk about!”

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