Holiday Music. Dita Krenberga, Kaspars Zemītis and Liene Andreta Kalnciema in Concert Program “Night and Day”

Dita Krenberga, flute
Kaspars Zemītis, guitar
Liene Andreta Kalnciema, piano

Concert host – Jānis Ozols.

About the program:
The program “Night and Day” brings together a bright trio of Latvian musicians –  sensitive flautist Dita Krenberga, romantic guitar player Kaspars Zemītis and versatile keyboard virtuoso Liene Andreta Kalnciema. Their wonderful interplay will include the heartwarming soundtracks of the film music talent Mancini, the poignant melodies and passionate rhythms of Piazzolla, as well as the hypnotic compositions of the minimalist icon Glass, the sentimental and playful compositions of the jazz pianists Peterson and Boling, and other opuses endowed with charming energy, invigorating sun and refreshing nighttime. .

In the program: Astor Piazzolla, Claude Boling, Oscar Peterson, Philip Glass, Riccardo Drigo, Henry Mancini, Cole Porter, etc.

The event will be held in Latvian.