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Holiday Music
Autumn 2024

Subscription price: EUR 40
Ticket price: EUR 15

Holiday Music. Tautumeitas
Ethno-pop music group “Tautumeitas”
“Tautumeitas” is an ethno-pop music group that uses the melodies and lyrics of Latvian folk songs in its music, creates strong harmonies and fuses them with modern beats and sounds, creating a magical and powerful new Latvian sound. The group is also creative with their visual image – their costumes and crowns reflect how close ‘traditional’ and ‘futuristic’ really are. Their appearance is cosmic, yet at the same time authentic, strong and feminine.

Holiday Music. Aleksandra Špicberga and Atis Andersons
Aleksandra.Špicberga / voice, Atis Andersons / Hammond organ
The musicians will offer the listeners a new, original reading of the compositions that were created even several centuries ago. Aleksandra’s characteristic singing manner, which harmoniously combines the academic and the folk, will resonate with Ati’s jazz musician’s handwriting and the unique sound of the Hammond organ.
Till, Purcell, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Gershwin, Menotti, Bernstein – arias and chants, baroque music and jazz improvisations – the creativity of two great musicians and the joy of playing nicely within the usual limits, while maintaining respect for the work of great composers.
The concert will feature opus of spiritual music as well as romantic compositions dedicated to love and longing. Therefore, lines from the text of a 16th-century motet taken from the Gospel of John, the apostle who taught the most about love, were chosen for the title of the concert: “If you love Me, keep My commandments and I will ask the Father and He will give another Advocate”.

Holiday Music. Vācietis. Ziedonis. Jakovļevs.
Ģirts Jakovļevs /actor, Katrīna Paula Felsberga /soprano, Guntars Freibergs /percussion, Agnese Egliņa /piano
In the program “Vācietis. Ziedonis. Jakovļevs.” music inspired by the great Latvian writers of different times intertwines with the verses of the great masters’ poetry, heartfelt reminiscences and engaging fragments from the letters they once wrote. The outstanding Latvian actor Ģirts Jakovļevs meets on the same stage with his
granddaughter Katrīna Paula Felsberga, who is deservedly considered one of the most promising singers of her generation, and the bright stars of the Great Music
laureates of the Award – the versatile percussionist Guntars Freibergs and the temperamental pianist Agnese Egliņa. Plakid’s “Trejžuburis” and Zemzari’s cycle “Ķemeri”, also Maskat’s “Aizteci, zaķīt” and Jančevski’s “Apdzisa pļavas”, Dambja’s “Three variations of Imants Ziedonis and Paulis Dambis” and many other subtleties of Latvian chamber music.

Holiday Music. Garden of Sound
Aija Veismane /soprano, Elizabeta Lāce /harp
The duet concert program “Garden of Sound” by soprano Aija Veismane and harpist Elizabetas Lāce offers the music of the first half of the 20th century in Western Europe and the works of Latvian composers, surrounded by a bright and clear atmosphere, with the desire to take the listener from everyday trivialities through musical paths to bright places in the heart of the emotional revelation of the compositions. The program will also include Aija Veismane’s cycle for voice with harp and Elizabeta Lāce’s prelude for harp. Through these compositions, the musicians build a bridge to the sound fields of the soul, and kindly invite everyone to go in search of the richness and peace of the soul.