From Classical to Pop Music for Classes 5 – 6. Happily 2

Pop rock parade with Patriša, hip-hop artist Zeļgis and the group “Citi zēni”. The concert is conducted by Karina Bērziņa.

In the concert series “Mūzika Tev” organized by Latvijas Koncerti, for several years now we have been creating the closing concert of the series in the music genre that is best understood and perceived by school youth – in the language of pop-rock music. In the “Priecīgi 2” concert, we will offer the audience three musical units – two soloists (singer Patriša, rapper Zeļgis) and one group (“Citi zēni”)

At the age of 16, Patriša participated in the Latvian version of the show “X Factor”. In 2019, as the first female musician from Latvia, she signed a contract with the music label Universal Music Group, releasing three singles. In 2020, he won the Golden Microphone Award in the category “Best Debut” From May 21, 2020, he hosts the Radio EHR program “Latvian Music Stage”

Rapper Zeļgis has already released several successful singles, but gained more recognition thanks to his participation in the 371 clique project. Works at BLACK STAGE AUDIO x RIIA studio. In 2022, performed on the stages of Positivus and Summer Sound festivals

The Latvian hip-hop and pop-rep group “Citi zēni” gained recognition in 2020 with the song “Vienmēr kavēju”. The group won laurels in the song contest “Muzikālā banka 2021” organized by Latvian Radio 2, and also won the Latvian Television’s song contest “Supernova 2022” and represented Latvia in the 2022 Eurovision song contest.

Approximate duration of the concert: 45 minutes