DAGAMBA & Bach Against the Machine

Valters Pūce – cello
Dainis Tenis – piano
Antons Trocjuks – cello
Alise Broka – double bass
Artūrs Jermaks – drums

The band DAGAMBA, known as hooligans of classical music, is one of the most relevant bands in Latvia at the moment, which has earned great recognition both among listeners and professionals in the field. The group has sold out countless concerts, but the most important solo concerts were in Arena Riga and on the Mežaparks Great Stage.

DAGAMBA has performed in more than 15 countries of the world, including the famous Glastonbury festival for two years in a row, and is also the only band from Latvia that has performed in New York’s Times Square.

In the new concert program, the music of the father of academic music, the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach, and the work of one of the most influential rock bands in the world – Rage Against The Machine, are fused in a manner only characteristic of DAGAMBA musicians.

“The idea for BACH AGAINST THE MACHINE arose after the successful #LudwigVanRammstein concert tour, and in the context of world events, we felt that this was the right time to implement the idea”, says group member Valters Pūce.

The concert will feature both DAGAMBA’s new concert program and the band’s best compositions from the programs “Ludwig Van Rammstein”, “DAGAMBA feat Tchaikovsky”, “Vivaldi Rocks”, etc. The audience favorite group will love styles and push boundaries, offering classics in original interpretations and rock music with elements of classics.