Copenhagen Jazz Night

Participants:Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (Denmark), double bass
Toms Rudzinskis, saxophone
Latvian Radio Big Band

The concert program will be made up of the joint project “Space Big Band” created by two internationally recognized musicians – Latvian saxophonist Toms Rudzinskis and Danish double bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen. The project consists of original compositions for a modern big band. The central theme is the universe and our knowledge of it – from Galileo’s discoveries and Stephen Hawking’s space-time research to SpaceX Mars flights, and the universe and space in music to explore the technical, improvisational and collaborative spirit of modern jazz. The recording of the album “Space Big Band”, which took place in 2021, received critical acclaim throughout Europe and was nominated for the Danish Jazz Music Award. It was also included in the “European Jazz Network” music chart, in the flight music selections of “Lufthansa” and “Quatar Airlines” airlines, as well as nominated for the Latvian “Golden Microphone” award as the best jazz album.

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen is an internationally recognized and award-winning Danish double bass player and composer, who has released five albums since 2010 and regularly performs worldwide. In the “Space Big Band” project, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen’s compositions focus on complex rhythm and polyrhythmic experiments, while Tom Rudzinskis vividly demonstrates his talent as a melodist.

Toms Rudzinskis is one of the leading Baltic jazz saxophonists and composers, especially recognized for his innovative and unique sound. At the moment, the musician is based in Berlin, where he leads his quintet “ABYSS”, plays in various international bands, and regularly organizes popular jazz concerts and jam sessions in Riga.

The project is co-financed by REACT-EU funding for mitigating the consequences of the pandemic crisis.