Christmas Festival. Concert for the Family. Chocolate Fairy Tale

What child these days hasn’t eaten chocolate? But in ancient times it was different. The main character of “Chocolate Fairy Tales”, the girl Hanna, experiences the wonderful taste and smell of chocolate only in her dreams. But what events took place in the old days in Vienna, the capital of Austria, you will find out by listening to the concert performance “The Chocolate Fairy”.

The performance will feature Little Sugar – Ventis Zilberts, piano; the The Sacher-Torte Cake master – Nauris Indzeris, voice; Chocolate Fairy – Dita Krenberg, flute; Vanilla – Jolanta Strikaite, voice. But the girl Hanna, Marmalades, Marshmallows and Latvian sweets “Sea pebbles” will be students of the Riga Ballet School. Narrator – Karina Bērziņa.

The story will be permeated by the music of Jules Massenet, Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, Franz Lehár, Johann Strauss.

The concert will be in Latvian.

Approximate duration: 1 hour