Christmas Festival. A Johann Sebastian Bach Christmas

Aigars Raumanis, saxophone
Aigars Reinis, organ

Program: Johann Sebastian Bach, Philip Glass

On 22 December at 7 p.m., the Johann Sebastian Bach Christmas concert will feature an outstanding duo of musicians – the new generation’s brilliant saxophonist Aigars Raumanis and Riga Cathedral organist Aigars Reinis. The duo’s original concert programmes always delight audiences with energetic interplay, dazzling craftsmanship and evocative discoveries from the works of various composers. Both artists are laureates of the Latvian Grand Music Award.

This programme is a musical conversation between the Baroque genius Johann Sebastian Bach and the contemporary American cult composer, minimalist Philip Glass, where majestic timelessness meets the infinity of the flow of time. 

Alongside Bach’s organ preludes and Glass’s meditative organ piece Mad Rush, spectators will hear Glass’s saxophone solos from Prisoner of Love. Specially for this programme, the musicians have created adaptations from Bach’s Oboe Concerto, as well as Glass’s Sonata for Violin and Violin Concerto, granting new timbral colours to these pieces.

Approximate duration: 1 hour 30 minutes