Children’s Poetic Play for the Whole Family “My Telephone Rang…”

Children’s poetic play for the whole family “My Telephone Rang…” based on Korney Chukovsky’s fairytales comprises musical performances for the whole family based on favourite children’s fairytales.

The audience together with Dr. Ow-It-Hurts will go on an amazing adventure, conquering seas and mountains to save animals on the far shores of Africa. They will attend the merry name day of the Little Fly to appreciate Mosquito’s courage as he defeated the evil Spider. The spectators will help to answer all phone calls from unhappy animals. They will learn to wash hands together with Wash ‘EmClean.

A scriptwriter and stage director – Victors Jansons

Set and costume designer – Nikita Voronins

Animation artist – Vadims Dulenko

Project coordinator – Elena Terlane

Starring: Korney Chukovsky – Eugene Kornevs

Assistants: Alexey Korgins, Igors Nazarenko, Marats Efendiyevs

Language of the event: Russian

Approximate event duration: 50 minutes

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