Ballet Performance “The Nutcracker”

In the concert program “In warm light” Jānis Šipkēvics has combined songs that, in his opinion, reflect the wide range of the temperature of love – from Rainis poem “Girls with ice eyes” to a hot glow. In a new reading, a combination of string quartet, piano and voices will play the most important pages from the works of Shipsea – “Taviem ceļiem”, “Mežaparks”, as well as the songs of the latest album “Apgaismo mani” – “Tavi viļņi”, “Pie upes”, “Dunka” un “Siltā gaismā”. The program also includes the most beautiful melodies created by Imants Kalniņš, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.

Alongside Jānis Šipkēvics, the inimitable Una Daniela will take the stage, as well as the charming ladies of the SHIPSEA string quartet.