Ainars Virga 60 / jubilee concert

On April 6, 2024, the legendary “Līvi” – rock musician Ainars Virga will celebrate his 60th birthday and everyone is invited to an ambitious birthday concert in Liepāja’s Olympic Center and on July 22 in Jūrmala, Dzintari Concert Hall.

Speaking about the upcoming jubilee concert, Virga states that it is important for him that those musicians who have played a role in his life perform at it. There are a lot of them. There will be surprises, the artist promises! The concert program will feature the most important Latvian rock compositions of all time, from “Native language” and “Son of God” to compositions created today. The musician was born on April 6, 1964 in Liepāja, and has been working in music since 1976. Worked in the groups “Vabolites”, “Corpus”, “Neptūns”, “Liepājas quartet”, “Līvi”, “Riga”, “Liepājas brothers” and “Virga Hard Orchestra”. In April 2014, Ainar Virga’s first solo album «Songs about life and love» was released, which was recognized as the best metal and rock album of 2014. Ainārs Virga is the organizer and author of the idea of the festival “Virga fest” and “Līvi fest”. He has also written the music for the Liepāja theater play “Stones” (2005) and the musical “Liepājas story” (2007). With the group “Līvi” he took part in the performances of the Liepāja theater “Kaupēn, my dear” (composer of the music – Jānis Lūsēns). In 2015, after a break of more than 20 years, Ainars Virga, together with Alex, Uldis Marhilevičs and Guntis Vecgailis, released the album “Riga in America” of the supergroup “Riga” in America, which also includes the voice of singer Igo. Thus, during his career, Ainars collaborated with Olga Rajecka, Igo, Ivo Fomins, Mārtiņš Ruskis (Kanters), Jānis Buķelis, Andris Ērglis, Alex and other singers and musicians.


  • LĪVI
  • Brothers of Liepāja
  • Hugo
  • Olga Rajecka
  • Tomass Kleins
  • Frīdis (as narrator)
  • Modris Sterns
  • Guntars Račs
  • Uldis Marhilevičs
  • Strong Wives
  • Durbe Chamber Choir

and many others.

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