Summertime festival – invites Inessa Galante 2023

Viva l’Italia!

Saturday, Aug 12, 20:00

Location: Great Hall
Event Producer: Ineses Galantes fonds

Raphael Gualazzi is one of Italy’s most accomplished jazz blues musicians. The unique combination of the euphonious Italian language, the charisma of the artist, and melodic jazz rhythms will take the listeners to the sun-drenched Ligurian Riviera with a glass of cool prosecco in their hands. The artist is also known for re-introducing Italy to the Eurovision Song Contest. His authentic sound is the result of his studies at the Conservatorio Rossini in Pesaro. Note his subsequent research of ragtime blues and New Orleans jazz and his love of more contemporary acts like Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, and Ben Harper.

Rafael is one of those rare artists. A permanent participant and guest star of the most popular music festivals in Italy, a favourite of the Mediterranean public, and a bearer of Italian traditions. He participated in the 2011 Sanremo Music Festival (the longest-running annual TV music competition in the world on the national level), where he won the Giovani (New Generation) award and was chosen by a six-member jury to represent his country at Eurovision with his self-penned bilingual song, Follia d’Amore. The track, Italy’s first entry since 1997, finished second behind Azerbaijan with an impressive 189 points and became the breakout single for his sophomore effort. 

Approximate duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Event Producer: Ineses Galantes fonds