Summertime festival – invites Inessa Galante 2023

Shantel, king of Balkan rhythms

Friday, Aug 11, 20:00

Location: Great Hall
Event Producer: Ineses Galantes fonds

Our dear audiences’ pleas have been answered and he is back! A musical hooligan, a true cosmopolitan, and an artist with  Romanian, Hebrew and Greek roots, Stefan Hantel, better known by his stage name Shantel is returning to Dzintari Concert Hall. In his music, you can hear the influence of the Balkans, funk, reggae, and even rock. No one sits at Shantel concerts because everyone is dancing! The extravagant author of the Disko Partizani hit, a resident of Bucovina Club has an ace up his sleeve. This year he will perform in the company of a Latvian artist. Who will it be? You will find out when you come to the concert! 

Shantel brings to listeners musical treasures of Southeast Europe, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean in a new context making it possible to intuitively experience the cultures they come from. He has his own method of cultural sampling: taking things out of their context and putting them into a new one.  

Approximate duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Event Producer: Ineses Galantes fonds